Emily Helmus grew up in a home dedicated to making fresh, healthy food. Emily first became interested in fermented foods in January of 2011 when she received a kombucha culture from a friend. She fell head-over-heels in love with fermentation and devoted many hours each week to learning more about this traditional process of preserving food. Shortly after brewing her first batch of kombucha, Emily experimented with making sourdough bread, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir (milk and water kefir both). She then began bartering away her ferments for backyard eggs, quarts of beer, medicinal herb plants, artwork, reiki sessions, and homemade grape juice. In early 2012, she was encouraged by her naturopath to sell her ferments to local businesses. It was then that Bloom Ferments was born! Besides tending to her ferments, Emily is a fiber artist who has a talent for sock knitting, spinning and dyeing yarn, and embroidery. You can find Emily biking around Eastown, reading at MadCap Coffee, and strolling the Fulton Street Farmer's Market for groceries throughout the week. Emily believes in the incredible healing ability of probiotic, lacto-fermented foods to restore balance within our bodies and motivates others to learn more about them.