Hiring & Safer Spaces Policy


Bloom Ferments is an open-minded and progressive workplace. We require that all employees (Worker Bees) adhere to our Safer Spaces Policy while working. 



We are looking for someone who can be: 

-Part Time: work a minimum of 20 hours per week, week days from 2-10pm, weekends from 9-5pm. You will be working about 3-4 days per week.
-Physically Strong: you will be building up muscle while you work here but must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds, you'll also be on your feet all day
-Repetitious: The work we do is repititious and sometimes monotonous. If you like tasks such as weeding gardens, knitting, running, or biking, where you are doing the same action again and again and can see your progress as you work, this job is perfect for you.
-Flexible: while days and times you work each week won't change, the things we do each week change often. We need someone who can go with the flow, and change tasks quickly. Our hours are much like restaurant hours; sometimes you'll leave later than your shift, sometimes earlier. However, we are willing to make your schedule work within your needs.
-Positive: we have a very small team and it is essential that your personality fits in with our current team who are positive and encouraging.
-Independent: someone who can take charge and work without being prompted to complete a task
-Ambassador: Bloom Ferments has become a well loved brand throughout the state of Michigan. With our small team, we need those who work for Bloom to be able to represent our company well. 
-Open Minded: Bloom employees must be open to new ideas, adhere to our safer spaces policy (see below), and work well in a progressive work place. We are very accepting and encouraging of people who live alternative and creative lifestyles.
-Good Teammate: We are a very strong team. You must be able to work with one to three other people and share the work load.
-Have Fun!: We have a lot of fun! Bloom Ferments teammates work hard, which is why we make work fun. We like listening to podcasts or music while working, and occasionally spend time outside of work getting to know each other.
If you are interested, please email your resume with recommendations to . From there we might place you in an hour long working interview and will compensate you in kombucha for your time. 




The First Downtown Market Farmer's Market of 2015

The Downtown Market Farmer's Market kicked off last Saturday, and it was a blast! The sun was shining and you could feel excitement in the air. Seeing how many people came out to support local businesses was truly amazing. We were surrounded by mouthwatering sights and smells, from Prospectors Cold Brew Coffee to Cultured Love of Grand Rapids and many, many more. We hit the ground running at 9am with unlimited samples of Zingiber (our ginger kombucha) and Parejas (lavender- hibiscus kombucha). We had bottles for sale, as well as kombucha on tap and best of all... Kombucha floats! We combined our two favorite things, Bloom's lavender- hibiscus kombucha with Love's dairy free lavender-blueberry ice cream. If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life, this would be it! We are also selling starter kits with directions, so you can make your own kombucha at home.
It was really encouraging to get such positive feedback from both lifelong kombucha lovers and first time tasters about our product. Lots of kids tried samples as well, and ended up loving our sweet, tangy, bubbly drink. We have just 2 flavors available right now, but we will have more very soon. By the end of the day, Emily and I were full from bartered goodies from the market. Our voices were hoarse from talking to so many people yet we were beaming. We are all so passionate about fermented foods and drinks, as well as working with all organic, fair trade ingredients, and it is so inspiring when we hear stories of how our product has helped someone with their health issues. 
Thanks for coming out and supporting Bloom and the other vendors at the Downtown Market. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to see us last weekend, we will be there every Saturday from 9am- 2pm and every other Saturday at the Sweetwater Farmer’s Market in Norton Shores for those of you on the Lakeshore! See you soon.

3rd Annual Well House Heirloom Plant Sale

Bloom Ferments had the privelege to participate in the 3rd Annual Well House Heirloom Plant Sale this past Saturday. After getting some help from my teammates loading up my car with kombucha, I was off to the corner of Cass and Pleasant. As soon as I arrived Audrey was super helpful in getting us set up. Direct Trade Coffee and our Malamiah Juice Bar were also there to support Well House with fresh coffee and juice. We were there early, so Kara, her son, and I got a chance to enjoy the morning and talk to staff and volunteers. People had already started lining up before they opened!

Image Credit: Well House

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood as they sampled kombucha and thought about the organic plants they wanted to take home. It seemed like herbs, squash, and tomato plants were popular, with many people grabbing bags and boxes to load up. We sold bottles for $4, with $2 of each going to Well House. Parejas was a favorite, I think due to the plant fever in the air. Getting ready to pick some plants feels right with a lavender hibiscus kombucha in hand!

bf well house 2.jpg
Some of my coworkers were able to stop by after working the Outdoor Market, and I ended up meeting a lot of friendly new people as well as seeing some old friends. We had the pleasure of listening to some live music, including Molly Bouwsma Schultz from Vox Vidorra.

Image Credit: Molly Bouwsma Schultz

I can’t stress enough just how lovely of a day it was. If you aren’t familiar with Well House, they aim to “provide safe, affordable housing to the homeless. We recognize that each individual has their own unique needs and challenges, and that a “one size fits all” approach is often a barrier to housing.” We love their attitude, focusing on choice and doing what’s best for the person. Well House is also very eco-conscious, with an Urban Garden program, community garden, and events like a mushroom inoculation workshop. Well House emphasizes that access to adequate food and housing is a human right, and should be available for all regardless of social standing.


Being at the Well House event was such a positive experience, and it definitely inspired me to work harder at making Grand Rapids better for everyone that calls this city home. Being among such a large group of local people wanting to change things for the better gave me hope (all the lush plants didn’t hurt either). We’re invested in our local community here at Bloom, and we’re so excited to see how our city grows in sustainable ways that consider the needs of our neighbors who need support. Thanks to Well House for having us, my awesome coworkers, and all of the people who came to buy, volunteer, or just hang out!





Branching Out

I've been asked for at least a year to start selling Bloom kombucha outside of Grand Rapids. Now that I have a wonderful, talented, reliable team in place, we're able to make enough booch to supply more than just Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo! In the past few weeks we've visited Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Haven, Holland, and Muskegon in seach of new stockists. Replies are coming in and we're taking root! New to the list are Holland Pantry, Fortino's in Muskegon, and perhaps a few other shops in cities west of Grand Rapids. You'll have to wait and see. 

In addition to our search, you will be able to find Bloom at two farmer's markets this summer. Bloom Ferments will be at the Downtown Market's outdoor farmer's market every Saturday morning, and also the Sweetwater Market in Muskegon. Also exciting: we'll be able to share new, limited time only flavors with you on tap. I'm thinking of foraging for local flowers and turning them into kombucha. There is no limit to the kinds of flavors we can come up with. After all, Michigan is one of the most agriculturally diverse state in the country, second only to California. Proud to be a Michigander? We are!

Do you think Bloom Ferments kombucha would do well in your city? Email me at and let me know!


See you this summer!


New Team


I've been having a lot of trouble with the website platform, Squarespace, lately. I have been wanting to write a blog update for months, but better late than never! A few months ago, a few new teammates were hired. New to the team is Kara, Bloom's business manager. Kara keeps track of inventory, orders, and invoicing. She is also helping me update the website, find new outlets to advertise, and work on a new regular e-newsletter. Welcome Kara!

Also new to the team are Emily, Nickey, Sara, and Courtney, Bloom's core production team. They make, bottle, label, and distribute the kombucha. They're excellent workers and responsible for making the kombucha you enjoy! Welcome ladies!

I am no longer looking for new teammates, but am always accepting resumes, so if you're interested, feel free to send them to me. Production team members must:


  • Be FLEXIBLE: Due to the unpredicatable nature of fermenting, I am not able to plan out exact weekly schedules. Batches typically ferment on the same schedule but sometimes they take longer. I need employees who are willing to go with the flow, and willing to change pace during the days they are scheduled for.
  • Be EXCITED: With such a small team, I need people who are excited about fermenting and willing to learn more about the process and help solve problems. The kombucha industry is still forming and new information about brewing is coming out all the time. We need to be up-to-date on the latest research and if needed, apply it to our production methods. No fermenting experience is necessary, but it is encouraged.
  • Be STRONG: We regularly lift 50 pound buckets and bags, and carry them a short distance. This requires upper body and core strength, and a strong back. I also need people to take care of their bodies outside of work so that they can keep up during their shifts.
  • Be PROGRESSIVE: Kombucha is not a main stream thing. It's the drink of progressive, subversive culture. Bloom's mission is 'Germinating Culture,' or helping to sprout and share new ideas within our culture about how to take care of each other and our communities. I need people who are willing to learn about progressive views of personal and societal health.
  • Be a DRIVER: One of your responsibilities will be driving around town, delivering kombucha in my vehicle. You must have a current driver's license! 

 Lots of good things are coming soon! Stay tuned for updates on new flavors, new stockists, new cities, and other exciting news!